WebIssues 1.1.2 released

Submitted by mimec on 2014-05-26

Version 1.1.2 of WebIssues has a few new features and fixes some bugs found in version 1.1.1. The most important changes include:

  • It is now possible to export the list of issues in CSV format also from the Web Client.
  • The quick search box in the list of issues can now be used to quickly find an issue with the specified identifier. Note that in order to find an issue in any folder, you can still use the Goto Issue command.
  • The markup language used for descriptions and comments now includes a [rtl] tag for marking blocks of text written right-to-left.
  • It is possible to configure the page size in the projects tree in the Web Client.
  • In the Desktop Client it's now possible to increase the font size in issue details and projects summary, using the Settings option. This solves a problem on some systems where the default font size is too small.
  • The Desktop Client now attempts to log in automatically when the session expires, for example when the computer wakes from hibernated state.
  • New French and Italian translations were added in both clients; Ukrainian translation was added in the Web Client.


I have configured my IMAP Mailbox setting - Got a success connected message when tested. However I am not receiving any emails from my inbox.

Is there a step I have left out re this process.

i am not able to install the webissues software on my local machine , please help me out , can i get step by step tutorial to install it