'bugzilla view' request

Submitted by LudoA on 2006-12-30


I'm really liking this tool so far. Also the fact that it'll support windows soon is great, since many people unfortunately use that.

Something which seems useful to me is a view sort of like exists in bugzilla. When I select a certain issue, for instance a bug, I get a window with these tabs:
Issue Details | Comments | Attachments | Changes history

A fifth tab, called something like overview or listview, which displays (chronologically) all the contents of the last three tabs combined would be very pratical.
That way, it's easy to quickly see what happened when you're catching up with a bug's progress.

Just a thought.


I was also thinking about something similar, however I considered either displaying changes and attachments in the Comments tab or displaying attachments and (abbreviated) comments in the History tab. Or maybe it could be configurable? I have to think a bit more about this. Right now I'm working on filtering the list of issues, but the issue details view also needs some improvements.


Displaying changes & attachments in the comments tab seems the way to go, to me at least. Now that I think about it, adding an 'overview' tab as I first suggested would effectively render the 'comments' tab useless (imho), so simply adding changes to the comments tab seems perfect.
Adding everything to history tab, including abbreviated comments, doesn't seem as useful to me. The great thing of having changes/attachments in the comments tab is that you can quickly go through an entire issue, without having to switch tabs all the time.

Something else entirely: currently users can only have 'normal' or 'administrator' access to a project. Wouldn't it be better if we could create access types as well, just as we can create issue types? When adding a type, you could then choose if the types allow viewing of comments, posting of comments, closing bugs,...
More optional, but nice to have when working with larger groups I think.

I also think that there is no need for two separate tabs and displaying everything in the Comments tab is a better idea. I'm going to do it this way in the next release.

Advanced role management is surely a nice thing to have, but there are several reasons why I didn't implement it (yet). First - there are no large groups using the system that I know of :). Second and more important - it would be easy if issue types and their attributes were hardcoded, but how would one define what "closing a bug" means when for the system it's simply assigning some random value "Closed" to some random attribute called "Status"?

It would be nice if one could define something like a life cycle of an issue (like shown here) by defining the possible states, transitions between them and user roles required to make the transitions, but doing that for dynamically created issue types would be very complicated. After all, even Bugzilla doesn't allow that :). So that's something for version 2.0 if it ever comes into being :).


Yep I see what you're getting it with the issue types - didn't think this through apparently :)
One way would be to generate a list of all fields which exist for issues, and then give checkboxes to define whether the new member has access to the field or not. But fields can be added, so you'd also have to specify whether the member should or should not have access to new fields by default. While powerful, this would get a bit ugly. I can definitely understand if you'd rather not implement such a thing. Either way, I'm sure there are more pressing things on your todo :)

Thanks for your responses,