bug: searching for id's

Submitted by LudoA on 2006-12-31

When I search for an id, and use id #1 (which is a bugreport), the client crashes. Every time. Searching for id #2, 3,... which are changes to the report, tells me it couldn't find anything. Searching for #11, a feature, crashes it just like #1. Searching for #15, a comment, works perfectly (brings up the comment).

here's the output from my logs, searching for #2 first, then #1:


[2006-12-31 05:31:49,]
[2006-12-31 05:31:52,]
ID 1


[2006-12-31 05:31:49,]
> SELECT i.issue_id FROM wiissues AS i WHERE i.issue_id = 2
(0 rows)
> SELECT i.issue_id FROM wicomments AS c JOIN wiissues AS i ON i.issue_id = c.issue_id WHERE c.comment_id = 2
(0 rows)
> SELECT i.issue_id FROM wifiles AS fl JOIN wiissues AS i ON i.issue_id = fl.issue_id WHERE fl.file_id = 2
(0 rows)
[2006-12-31 05:31:52,]
> SELECT i.issue_id FROM wiissues AS i WHERE i.issue_id = 1
(1 rows)

Nothing in the errorlog.

Are we not supposed to use anything but comment-id's? Either way, it shouldn't crash I guess.

The Find Item command only allows to find issues, comments or attachments (the prompt label incorrectly says that it can find changes as well). And when using an issue ID, it doesn't crash for me but rather hangs in some infinite loop... I will investigate this.


Sorry for my bad wording: I said 'crash', but it just hangs until I kill it - should've explained it better. I guess an infinite loop could very well be the cause of that :).
You say it can be used to find issues, but that's when it hangs. So that's just a bug that needs fixing? Or is it not intended to do that? (English isn't my native language, not sure I understand you correctly.)