WebIssues 1.1.4 released

Submitted by mimec on 2015-08-10

The most important new feature in the 1.1.4 release of WebIssues is the simplified mobile version of the Web Client, designed for mobile phones and other devices with small screens. The program detects if the user is using such device and automatically redirects to the mobile version. It is also possible to manually switch between the full and mobile versions of the user interface. To switch to the mobile version, select the Mobile version option in the top right corner of the page. To switch to the full version, expand the tools menu using the button in the top right corner of the page and select the Full version option.

The Desktop Client was ported to Qt5 for better performance and stability. This change doesn't affect the users of the pre-built Windows installers, however if you build WebIssues from sources, you will now need version 5 of Qt; compilation with version 4 is no longer supported.

This version also fixes a number of bugs, including but no limited to:

  • Fixed support for long TLDs in email addresses; fixed encoding in outbound emails so they no longer cause problems with email servers which do not handle 8-bit encoding properly; fixed handling illegal line breaks in inbound emails so they are not rejected.
  • Fixed handling large lists of drop down items in both the server and the client; previously sufficiently large lists of items could crash both the server and the client.


1.The task list adds a check box that can change the state of multiple tasks at the same time,For example: at the same time, the state of multiple tasks is set to complete.
2.When submitting a task, once again, click the submit button to cause the task to be repeated.