Security levels and user notifications

Submitted by NA on 2017-10-04

I'm guessing part of this has been requested before, but i'm requesting it again, not so much for the obvious (to me) need of having more levels of permissions but for notification handling. I have recently enabled email notifications and have seen some restrictions of the system.

Here are a couple of requests i believe would be very useful.

1. Permission levels / Roles.
A project should have:
a. An Administrator Role (which will have the ability to do anything)
b. A Developer role
c. A plain user role

I will not discuss here so much the permissions of every role (for a and c they must be obvious, b is food for thought) but the way the alerts system works.

2. Alerts
When a new issue is created by a user (of any role), there should be an option in his preferences to automatically subscribe him to that issue. When the issue is created, an alert should be created for all user roles (even that is debatable) but there should be a way to choose to which roles should an email notification be sent. Currently, i'm facing the need to send an email only to Admins and Devels and not to plain users.

If the concept of roles is ever to be developed, i'd be happy to be part of a discussion on it.

That's true, extending the user roles is a common request, so thanks for your input. Also the mechanism of alerts could be improved. It is possible to create a global alert associated with the "created by me" view, but I agree that configuring alerts by role and/or group would be even better.