Email Inbox

Submitted by jessica.strickland on 2018-01-25

I recently set up the email inbox and was receiving issues via email just fine. I later noticed that the WebIssues 'Email address of the server' which was supposed to be my address had been mistyped, so I corrected it (it is my email address) Now, when I send in to my webissues inbox address, I get a cron job error:

Ignored inbox email from... with my email address listed.

Is there a reason the webissues 'from' address cannot also be the address used to submit webissues issues via email? That doesn't really make sense to me. I have a different email inbox address so I won't get into a loop with bounced back emails, but having these other two addresses the same does not seem like it should be an issue.


It's not just about bounced emails. There is also a feature which allows you to respond to email notifications to add comments to existing issues. When the same address is used, you would be effectively replying to yourself, so it wouldn't be possible to distinguished mails that are sent be WebIssues from the responses. If you really need to use the same inbox, you can always set up an email alias.