WebIssues 1.1.5 released

Submitted by mimec on 2017-05-17

The latest release of WebIssues adds a few minor features and fixes some bugs. It is now possible to quickly filter issues by project in the global list of issues. This way you can quickly switch between projects without having to navigate between folders. The issue history now displays projects names in addition to folder names for move operations, to avoid ambiguities when projects contain folders with the same name. The drop down list of issues displayed when creating a view or an issue is now filtered so that non-administrator users don't see all users in the system, only users that share the same projects. The mobile client was also slightly improved in this version, to make it easier to use on small mobile devices.

Thanks to the great community of open-source translators, the new version of WebIssues adds support for three new languages: Hungarian (for both Web Client and desktop client), Norwegian and Serbian (for Web Client only). Finally, problems with compiling the desktop client when using the latest version of Qt have been resolved.

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