status flag

Submitted by micitomm on 2018-03-02

the abilty to set a status to get known about fulfilling a milestone.

maybe it is useful in addition to the numeric progress. there are 3 cases at the already implemented "status" . Some project have some, pre required conditions to get started. 

for this reason there would be also a graph, time lined, useful.


@Michał , but while i'm getting more into your design, i'm getting closer abut your idea.sorry, had been a long night, i'm  going to missmatch.  best for me and my status quo there should be a "hands off" and "drop all" broadcast (black humor)


You can use a dropdown attribute for the status. A timeline will be implemented, perhaps, in a future version.

Thank you for info. And glad to know there will be a future version, which will have, perhaps, a timeline.