send email when create a new Issue or Task

Submitted by Nasser on 2018-03-12


How can I configure WebIssues server to send an email to the assigned user when a new Issue or Task is created?

Currentlly, the user need to login and subscribe in order to receive email notifications for his assigned Issues and Tasks !

Many thanks in advance for your help.

You can create a public alert associated with a view which only contains issues/tasks assigned to the current user.


Thank you Mimec for your replay!

How can I creat a view which contains issues and tasks (assigned to a user)? 

I see that I can only creat views for issues or for Tasks BUT not the one view for the 2 togeather!

Also, the view MUST be public to be able to associate it with an alert, Am I right? because when the view is Personal, it doesnt appear in the drop down menu of the Alert windows.

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Yes, a public alert must be associated with a public view. You have two create a separate view and alert for each type of issues.