Ideas for new features

Submitted by latour on 2007-05-09

Hi Michal,

My compliments for your wonderful application!

I have some ideas that are not in your roadmap yet:

1. It would be practical to have a reporting module in WebIssues, so that issues can be printed. A report that contains a list (table) with open issues would be useful, and a report that shows all fields of single issue would be nice. If a report can be printed, it will automatically be possible to create a report as PDF file. This can be useful as a status report to the customer/client.

2. It would be nice if the issues dialog contains an 'OK' and 'Cancel' button.

3. I have used PVCS Tracker I the past, and in that application only the owner of an issue can edit that issue (and admin). I liked that idea.

4. From a project management point of view, it would be nice to have the ability to see (and print) a trend plot of the number of open (and closed) issues.

I think your application has great potential, and I hope you appreciate my suggestions.



Thank you very much, I do appreciate your suggestions. Here are my thoughts:

Ad 1. Very good idea. Added to the roadmap.

Ad 2. It's not really a dialog, but a regular top level window. I don't think these buttons would make sense.

Ad 3. If I understand that correctly, the owner of an issue can assign it (change the owner) to a different person? That sounds like a good idea, but I generally didn't want to implement any permissions on issue level. But I noted this idea and I will think about it in the future.

Ad 4. Added to the roadmap as well.


Ad 1: Thank you!

Ad 2: I think we are talking about a different dialog. I meant the dialog where I can edit an issue (eg. changing the status of an issue, adding a comment). That dialog may contain many fields that I can change. If I lost track of what I was doing, it is not possible to cancel updating the issue. This is the only dialog where this is the case. The other dialogs where a record is updated have a cancel button (eg. update pasword, edit a filter). I hope this clarifies what I meant.

Ad 3: Yes, that is what I meant. Additionally people with admin rights may edit change whatever they want in every issue.

Ad 4: Thank you!



The window where you edit the issue is a top level window, not a dialog. When you change the status of an issue (or any other field), a dialog appears in which contains the OK and Cancel buttons. When you press OK, the change is submitted to the server, so that's when the record is actually updated.