Another new Suggestion

Submitted by manuel on 2007-06-08

just played around with it a bit and wanted to share some ideas/thoughts too.

One thing it took me a moment to find out was that i have to add folders to store issues in a Project. (Hope i did not miss the corresponding docs ... ;). What about having some Sort of Project Templates where default Folders are created with the Project?.
I.e. There is a standard Project containing Folder of Type Bugs/Features/Tasks named respectivly. And then there are user definded "Project Folder Types".

Are there any plans on bringing the different Dialogs together? I just had a few Test projects with a few Test issues and i got a little arkward to see what Windows was representing what. So Maybe The Issues could have a little Summary in the Projects view and only if explictly open (for editing) there is a Dialog. Or maybe even the Project have a Summary in the Overall window...

And Last but not least, is there some translion going already? I could help translate into german.

keep up the good work


Hello, thanks for your comments.

Well, the introduction chapter in the docs says that "Issues are logically organized into folders. Each folder stores issues of a single type." :) Maybe it's not very obvious when you first look at the application, but it's really as simple as it can be. And don't forget that creating projects is the administrator's job, so it's assumed to be a "power user" task. Regular users won't have to deal with this.

Displaying everything is separate windows has some advantages and disadvantages... I was thinking about an option to display everything in a single window (for example in separate tabs or even side by side), so maybe one day I will try to implement this.

Regarding the translation - I'd really appreciate your help. I can send you the generated translation file some time before the next release so you could translate it using the Linguist from the Qt toolkit.