New Feature: Assign to Groups

Submitted by clavileno on 2007-06-18

Hi. We have many temporary staff and volunteers working in our office. It would be great if, as well as users, we could create the concept of a group of people. We would then like to be able to assign an issue to a group instead of a user.

So, as an example, we might have a group called "Painting Volunteers" indicating people who have volunteered to come and paint sections of our building. When one of them comes in for a day, they could log in, look for issues (i.e. tasks) assigned to the "Painting Volunteers" group, re-assign a task to themselves, and then get on with it.

At present it is possible to approximate this using lots of folders and leaving tasks unassigned, but that could get a bit complex.

You can simulate this by creating a drop down list attribute containing all possible groups as their values. Of course in that case you cannot select a single user OR a group in the same attribute, but it seems that in your case using two fields: Assigned To Person and Assigned To Group might be sufficient.