WebIssues 1.0-alpha4 released

Submitted by mimec on 2011-03-15

I am pleased to announce the fourth and final alpha release in the 1.0 development cycle. It features many long awaited administrative functions: moving and deleting issues, editing and deleting comments and attachments, moving folders, deleting non-empty projects and folders and deleting issue types with related folders. It is also possible to use expressions (like [Me] or [Today]) in initial values of attributes. Finally, in order to improve security, an algorithm compatible with the Portable PHP password hashing framework is now used and the ability to force user to change password at logon was implemented.

The WebIssues project was accepted in the Nokia's Qt Ambassador Program; a membership-only program that honors Qt development projects. You can see the WebIssues profile here or by clicking on the Qt Ambassador logo on the left. Obviously this opens a lot of new opportunities for WebIssues and I'm very excited to share this privilege with some really great and renowned Qt based applications. In the meantime, I already started working on the first beta release. The beta version will support updating an existing database from version 0.8.5 of the WebIssues Server, so please be patient, you will be able to migrate to version 1.0 soon.


I'm looking forward to the beta version :) Hope to see it here asap

Greetings from Italy

Good sound,

This version include the new fearter which I'm looing for.

But I have some suggest for the project folder, can you allow we add sub folder in the project (such as the image below).

It will make we more easy to follow the bug each module in our project.