WebIssues 0.9.0 client crashes after Login to server

Submitted by playpauseandstop on 2007-07-09


I'm using WebIssues client+server long time ago and was real happy when read than WebIssues client porting to Qt 4. But I'm confused when after updating WebIssues client from openSUSE build service RPM, it starts crash after I try to connect to my WebIssues server. Because in Windows computers WebIssues client success works, and earlier versions of WebIssues KDE client like 0.8.3 also success works on my system.

My system is:

* openSUSE 10.3 alpha 4
* KDE 3.5.7
* Qt 4.3.0
* Apache 2.0.59
* PHP 5.2.3
* MySQL 5.0.47
* WebIssues 0.9.0

I compile WebIssues client with CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug flag.
And before crash I become next message:

playpauseandstop@wemakesites:~> webissues
Segmentation fault

With best regards, Igor Davydenko


Which version of Qt do you have on Windows? It's a known issue that version 0.9.0 of the client crashes with Qt 4.3 on Windows, perhaps it's the same problem on Linux as well. Try getting the latest version from the SVN Repository, it should work with Qt 4.3.


Hello Michał,

I use Qt 4.2.3 on Windows.

After your opinion I update WebIssues client from SVN and recompiled it - now WebIssues client is success working on my openSUSE Linux system with Qt 4.3.0. Thanks for you.

Wait for next version of WebClient and for its l10n and i18n? Why not? :)

With best regards, Igor Davydenko