Beta version

WebIssues 2.0 has a completely new user interface designed for both desktop computers and mobile devices. It follows modern web standards and provides better user experience.

Version 2.0 has the same functionality as version 1.1, with a few additions, including alert notifications visible directly in the main window, resetting user passwords and the ability to create email inboxes. See the WebIssues 2.0.0-beta.1 release notes for more information.

At the moment, version 2.0 is avaliable in English, Polish and Portuguese (Brazilian) languages. Other translations are incomplete; if you would like to help in translating WebIssues to your language, please join the Crowdin project.

Online demo

Try the online demo to test the basic functionality of version 2.0 of WebIssues:


The beta version of WebIssues 2.0 is available for download. It has been thoroughly tested, however it is not recommended to use this version for production purposes.

The WebIssues server requires PHP 5.6 or newer and a MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server database. Refer to the WebIssues Guide for detailed instructions for installing the server and upgrading from older versions.

The desktop application is available for the following platforms:

The source code and other packages are available on GitHub.

WebIssues is free software licensed under the GNU Affero GPL v3 license.