WebIssues 2.0.0-beta.1 released

Submitted by mimec on 2020-03-02

The first beta version of WebIssues 2.0 is available. Go to the Beta version page to see a short video presentation, access the online demo and download the beta packages for testing. The most important features in this release include:

  • Completely redesigned, modern, responsive user interface
  • New desktop application for Windows, macOS and Linux, based on Electron
  • Improved mechanism of alerts which displays notifications directly in the main window and sends email notifications when enabled
  • Resetting user passwords via email
  • Support for multiple email inboxes

At the moment, version 2.0 is avaliable in English, Polish and Portuguese (Brazilian) languages. Other translations are incomplete; if you would like to help in translating WebIssues to your language, please join the Crowdin project.

The updated documentation for users and administrators can be found at https://doc.mimec.org/webissues-guide/

If you have problems related to installing, configuring and using WebIssues, or some other questions, please visit the Support forum. Ideas and suggestions for improvements can be submitted using the Feature requests forum. Use the Issues tracker on GitHub to submit bugs.