WebIssues is what I was dreaming about!

Submitted by milos.kroulik on 2007-05-31

Recently, I was reading an article about web 2.0 technologies. I was asking myself: "What will be Web 3.0?". And next day I found the answer: Something like WebIssues. I like very much this concept - connecting web and classical desktop applications. When web frontend will be available, it will be simple solution for many problems.

So I would like to help it. Since I can't program myself I will try to publish article about it in czech web magazine about web 2.0 technologies. I also would like to translate it to czech. Is it already possible?

Thanks very much,


Thanks for your comment! I think that the main problem with Web 2.0 technologies is that all these 'cool' technologies like AJAX are very complex and non-standardized compared to traditional applications. In fact WebIssues is more like an old fashioned desktop application which communicates with a database; there are only two innovations:

  • the database is wrapped by a thin code layer which translates simple commands to SQL queries and allows communication with the client over HTTP
  • the client stores parts of the data in memory and updates it when it needs to synchronize with the database

Of course I will appreciate if you spread the word about WebIssues. I can also add support for translation in the next version. I will send you the *.ts file before the release and you can use the Linguist tool from the Qt toolkit to translate it.