Protocol, using XML

Submitted by hlamer on 2007-06-28

I am using webissues for our project (

It's looks cool.
And I want to make web interface for it (already started work), wich will use AJAX.
It's more easy to use xml with AJAX, then plain text protocol, so, i rewriting it's now.

And, IDE will have plugin for working with Webissues (track bug's of IDE self, view bugs for projects, that deleloper making).

If xml will be used, need to rewrite Webissues Qt client protocol support for using xml.
And, possible, it's can be oficial version.

Say, what you think.

p.s. Michał, welcom to #monkeystudio for discussion about

I think that the server may implement both the plain text protocol and the new XML protocol at the same time. For example, index.php would handle the text protocol as it is, and a new file called xml.php would implement the XML protocol.

This way the existing clients would work as they are - the plain text protocol has its advantages, so I've chosen this format deliberately. Also I think that for a full AJAX web interface, the protocol would have to be extended significantly - for example to handle server side sorting, paging and filtering - am I right?

Anyway, a web interface would be really great. We can talk about some details, I will join the channel as soon as I have some free time. I will obviously give you write access to the SVN account. Integration with your IDE also sounds very promising. So welcome to the project and I hope that we can join our efforts to make WebIssues an excellent system!