How to delete all issues

Submitted by gvillaran on 2008-11-06

Hi, i installed and tested the software, now i want to delete all testing issues but i dont know how to do it, i cant find any delete option.

anyone can help me please?

thanks in advance

The easiest thing to do is remove all database tables and run the setup script again.


i used mysql query browser to delete the issues table and it have no rows now, but the test issue is still showing on the client, why is that? the issues table is empty ¿?

i have configured all my users and types in spanish and i dont want to start that again, so need to keep the old tables.

any other solution?

Thanks, the program looks very good and stable, nice work.

Sorry for responding so late, I somehow missed your post.

The easiest solution is to manually modify the GUID of the server. It's stored in the server_uuid column of the server table. Just change a few last characters to some random hex digits.

Another solution is to delete the issue cache on the client. On Linux it's usually located in: ~/.cache/webissues (unless the XDG_CACHE_HOME environment variable points to another location). On Windows it's located in: c:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Application Data\WebIssues\.