Hippy New YEAR !!!!!!!!

Submitted by pedro_morgan on 2009-01-01

On behalf of all the webissues team, (cos mimec.father ==404),

Have a "happy" nu Ear. Yep we managed to sneak another second in this leap year at end of 2008.

Next year we hope to slow the cosmos downa bit by the gravitational pull of webissues, and indeed the release program.

The moon is smiling,
the stars look bright,
I'm chilling out ok,
and with webissues,
am shivering with delight.. ;-)
like a snowman ;-)

Yep, I decided to spend the Christmas & New Year's holidays offline this time.

I'm adding my best wishes for all contributors, users and the entire WebIssues community.

If year 2009 is going to be 50% as promising for WebIssues as it is for my personal life, the gravitational pull can make a few black holes, so beware :).

I'm back in business starting tomorrow.