Difficulty installing the server

Submitted by rodonnell on 2009-01-08

Hello all,

I'm new to WebIssues, and am having problems installing the WebIssues server (0.8.3) on IIS (Windows Server 2003) and PostgreSQL 8.3.5 on a separate Debian box.

I started by setting up the virtual directory for WebIssues, setting permissions, etc., as in the instructions, creating the database and creating the config file.

I assumed that the install routine would create the DB tables. However, when I invoked the server, it told me that the tables hadn't been created. No problem, says I, I'll do it myself....so I found the schema-pgsql.sql file and ran it against the database. It came back with errors arising from the sets of curly brackets, so I removed these and ran it again without problems.

Now I get the following error: "ERROR: Current database version () is older than the server." I can't make sense of this, as the database version is the latest one.

The only thing I can guess at is that maybe I broke something when removing the curly brackets from the SQL file....is some sort of preprocessing or substitution supposed to take place there?

Many thanks in advance,



The setup.php script not only creates the DB tables, but also performs other operations without which the server cannot be used, for example sets the correct database version.

So if you created the tables manually, you still have to run the setup.php script in order to continue the installation.

If you received a message saying that the tables hadn't been created, then perhaps something is wrong with the permissions of the account used by the server to connect to the database? What error was written to the log file?


Michal, thanks for the reply.

I got it installed, and the answer was embarrassingly easy - I invoked setup.php instead of index.php, and it worked like magic!

Now I'm trying to connect with the client, and I'm getting "Server error (405 Method Not Allowed)". I'm connecting from home, so can't check the log now, but will have a look in the morning.



Ok :).

You may receive a 405 error on IIS if you don't add 'index.php' to the server URL. Even if 'index.php' is configured as the default document, it only works for 'GET' requests, not for 'POST' requests.


That's exactly what the problem was, and it occurred to me about two minutes after sending my last post.... I added "index.php" to the server URL, and all is now working.

Extra coffee is called for, to get the brain working! :-)

Many thanks for your help.