Help with QT on OSX

Submitted by Drobilliard on 2009-07-01

I have been trying to compile WebIssues for OSX but whenever I try and compile the software it gives me the following error(s)

Last login: Wed Jul 1 10:31:53 on ttys000
Nyx:~ webmaster$ /Users/webmaster/Desktop/webissues-0.9.4/configure ; exit;
Testing for qmake...
Using /usr/bin/qmake (Qt 4.5.2)
Writing configuration file...
Generating Makefiles...
Usage: /usr/bin/qmake [mode] [options] [files]

QMake has two modes, one mode for generating project files based on
some heuristics, and the other for generating makefiles. Normally you
shouldn't need to specify a mode, as makefile generation is the default
mode for qmake, but you may use this to test qmake on an existing project

-project Put qmake into project file generation mode
In this mode qmake interprets files as files to
be built,
defaults to *.c; *.ui; *.y; *.l; *.ts; *.xlf; *.qrc; *.h; *.hpp; *.hh; *.hxx; *.H; *.cpp; *.cc; *.cxx; *.C
-makefile Put qmake into makefile generation mode (default)
In this mode qmake interprets files as project files to
be processed, if skipped qmake will try to find a project
file in your current working directory

Warnings Options:
-Wnone Turn off all warnings
-Wall Turn on all warnings
-Wparser Turn on parser warnings
-Wlogic Turn on logic warnings

* You can place any variable assignment in options and it will be *
* processed as if it was in [files]. These assignments will be parsed *
* before [files]. *
-o file Write output to file
-unix Run in unix mode
-win32 Run in win32 mode
-macx Run in Mac OS X mode
-d Increase debug level
-t templ Overrides TEMPLATE as templ
-tp prefix Overrides TEMPLATE so that prefix is prefixed into the value
-help This help
-v Version information
-after All variable assignments after this will be
parsed after [files]
-norecursive Don't do a recursive search
-recursive Do a recursive search
-set Set persistent property
-query Query persistent property. Show all if is empty.
-cache file Use file as cache [makefile mode only]
-spec spec Use spec as QMAKESPEC [makefile mode only]
-nocache Don't use a cache file [makefile mode only]
-nodepend Don't generate dependencies [makefile mode only]
-nomoc Don't generate moc targets [makefile mode only]
-nopwd Don't look for files in pwd [project mode only]

*** ERROR: Running 'qmake' failed.

does anyone have any idea what the problem is, I am really new to OSX so please keep it simple. thanks.



You have to run configure from the directory in which it's located, i.e.:

cd /Users/webmaster/Desktop/webissues-0.9.4


Thanks for that, Now...silly question I know, how do I run 'make' everything went well and it did what it needed to do, Just not sure how to run make...I'm a windows schlub.

Thanks, and sorry for posting this question in the wrong forum.

To run make simply type 'make' from the command line :).

Note that I never tested if this program actually compiles and works on OSX, so there may be some errors and problems.

I moved this topic to the general forum.


Hi, The problem was that I didn't have xTools installed for OSX. All Installed now, I've compled the APP but the problem is that it won't run after the second screen, was just wondering if there may be compatibility issues between the screen where you connect to a server and the screen that displays the info, I believe webissues still attempts to connect to the site but the actual screen won't load, other than that its working on OSX, I have uploaded the file I compiled to . I know you've never tested or in fact written for OSX but it does compile and work to a basic level. with a few tweaks you could have an OSX version too. Then You've got all the platforms covered.

Any Thoughts about the issue with the second screen, I don't mind giving things a go if you don't have a mac to build it on, or in fact if you can't be bothered to fix a mac build then thats not a problem either.

Cheers For your help

Well, I don't have access to a mac (they're not very popular in Poland) so it would be difficult for me to test it without being able to debug the code. Maybe one day someone with experience in developing applications on mac will do that (or buy me a mac ;).