A few Questions

Submitted by zackrspv on 2010-04-10

Question #1: Can we increase the auto refersh time?
--- I know we can set this to 1 minute, but for a live support department that's too long. Can this be set lower?

Question #2: Can we move issues from folder to folder?
--- I have tried, can't really figure out a way too.

Question #3: Is the API developed enough to allow us to manipulate some of the controls?
--- For example, the add comment window, for our uses, it would be more useful to integrate add comment directly to the comment field, or not even close the window, instead of closing the window, switching, etc.

Question #4: Is it possible to have a form to create issues?
--- For example, click 'New Issue', and you can fill out more than just issue name.

Question #5: Is it possible to create audio notifications on ticket creation?
--- For example, click 'New Issue', and all those subscribed to the folder, once the issue comes in, creates an audio alert?

Question #6: Is it possible to create audio notifications based on ticket status times?
--- For example, a ticket which sits there for more than 20 minutes without having a new comment/action taken on it, would change it's status and priority to alert others.

Question #7: Is it possible to create escalation channels?
--- For example: Create a ticket, work on it, and then escalate it, still within the same folder, to another department, user, group?

I know i can accomplish most of this by direct database manipulation, but i'd love to streamline that w/o having to modify the DB. I can also create wrappers with automation tools such as Autoit (which i can create a wrapper to do all of the above), or C+ (which i realllllly dont wanna do lol).

But, i was just wondering if any of those can be addressed?

1. I don't think this can be set to less than 1 minute without affecting server performance. WebIssues is not instant messenger and it has an entirely different philosophy.
2. This will be possible in version 1.0.
3. Yes, it is possible to modify the client to your needs and the code is well organized and partially documented.
4. This will be implemented in version 1.0.
5. Notifications (including popup windows, audio, etc.) are planned for one of the next versions.
6. Yes, notifications will be associated with filters, so this will also be possible.
7. It is possible to emulate this using attributes and filters, but in the nearest future there will be no dedicated mechanism for doing that.