Apache virtual host not recognized by client?

Submitted by piesse on 2012-05-01

I have installed webissues under a virtual host in Apache (running on port 8008)
I can connect to it fine with the web browser, using the virtual address (www.myvirtualhost.com/webissues)
However, when using the separate client (for os/2), the virtual address is not recognized, and it only connects through the main address and path (mysite:8008/somedirectory/someotherdirectory/webissues).
Where do I set the server address to use the virtual one?

The only reference that I found is in data/sites/default/config.inc.php, but the file says that it should not be changed manually

my httpd.conf file is very simple:

ServerName www.myvirtualhost.com
DocumentRoot "D:\apache2\htdocs\somedirectory\someotherdirectory"

webissues is a subdirectory of "someotherdirectory"


Thanks. The instructions aren't very clear, because in my case I don't have multiple sites: it is only one site that can be reached in tho ways.

so I did try the following in site.ini:

match = www.mysite.com:8008/somedirectory/someotherdirectory/webissues
match = www.myvirtualhost/webissues
alias = one

but it didn't work

Actually, what I want is probably to change the global name to point to the virtual address: is there a way?


The server automatically detects the address by which it's reached, so in case you have only one site, there should be no need to change anything in the configuration.

What error message do you get when trying to connect using the client?


The error is "Connection could not be opened: this is not a Webissues server"

This is only with the client: the browser connects just fine to the very same address.

you can try yourself:


It looks like the web server returns an HTML frame with the :8008 site inside of it. This works fine with a web browser, but the desktop client is unable to parse such HTML response. If the web server did a 303 redirect instead of creating a frameset, it would work fine.