burndown chart

Submitted by mag on 2012-05-19

I have made a burndown-chart generator for webissues.
It is at git@github.com:magwas/webissues-burndown.git

The readme tells it all:

Use phpmyadmin to export an xml from your webissues database.
The following attribute ids and values are hardcoded in burndown.py as of now (patch to make them configureable is welcome):
story point: 13 (XS,S,M,L,XL)
sprint id: 15
state: 7 [ u"Closed", u"Processed", u"Active", u"In progress", u"Test case"]

Then run burndown.sh
You should get out/index.html as the result.

saxon 9 ( looking for it at ~/lib/saxon9he.jar if you put it to other place, change burndown.sh)

maturity, support:
This is a quick hack which WORKSFORME. I don't especially like webissues, and plan to convert to bugzilla anyway.
So do not expect much progress. Pull requests through github _might_ be honored.
Feel free to take over development.