Add Issue / Edit Attributes form does not have drop-down for "assigned to"

Submitted by kastler on 2013-11-28

I installed with the default attributes and types. Why would there be no drop-down for the "Assigned To" attribute? I never changed the default attributes, and it's a "User" type. It shows as a plain text input field on the form.

I suppose this is related, but i don't get a calendar popup on date fields either. Just plain text.

Update: The javascript functionality works in the demo. It's dead running from my server/client.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Michał,

All users were given access to the project. If you read on, you can see that there is something wrong with the Javascript ui. When I run the demos it all works fine. So it would appear not to be the browser.

- I don't get drop downs.
- I don't get date picker popup.
- I don't get [+] [-] on the project list tree, which prevents obviously expanding and contracting.

Do you have any suggestions on this?

So apparently the problem was that there were a few files that were missing from the initial upload. I'm assuming there was a timeout and I didn't see these file errors. After another upload everything is fine.

Sorry for the confusion.

Great software!