A few comments

Submitted by NA on 2014-03-15

After testing WI for a while, i'd like to post a few comments i have on it.

- I know WI features simplicity but IMO, the whole "users" concept in WI seems a little too simple. Why a plain user, when adding a new bug, is able to assign a bug/task to someone and fill the "reason" field? Also, why can only the administrator add users to a project? This should be the job of the project's manager, as in real life.

Currently, there are 2 user types per project: "regular members" and "administrator". IMO, there should be 3 user types: "regular user", "developer" and "project manager" (plus the global administrator of course). In a project, a "project manager" should be defined only by an "administrator" or another "project manager". The "project manager" should be able to add users (from the existing user pool) to the project and grant them either "developer" or "regular user" access. Fields "assign to" and "reason" should be editable only by the project manager and developers (actually, what i'm talking about here, is to be able to define whether the "regular user" can modify the value of an attribute - this could be shown as a checkbox in the "modify attribute" page).

If the "project manager" concept seems too much, WI should at least have a distinction between "bug reporters / regular users" and "developers", not giving the ability to plain users to change the "assign to" and "reason" fields.

- In the clients, it's a little confusing to see "add issue", "edit issue" etc. options in a task or forum. For a forum, instead of "issue" the term should be "post" and for a "task", it should be "task".

- In "modify attribute"/"edit attribute details" screen, the name of the attribute is not shown, only the type is shown. It would be helpful if the name was shown too.

- Status in Bugs and Tasks: "Active". Why? Why not "Open" / "Closed" which seems more natural? The pair "Active" / "Closed" seems strange. It should be either "Open" / "Closed" or "Active" / "Inactive" (not very nice :) ).

- A new attribute type could be "percentage" or "slider". This is now covered by "Numeric, min=0, max=100" but why not have a slider of which one could define min/max values and the "step" (for instance, step=25 would make the slider have steps 0, 25, 50, 75, 100 when dragging it - no intermediate values).

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

The "project administrator" is basically the same as the project manager that you described, it's just a matter of naming. It's not the same thing as the system administrator. I'm planning to add more roles in the future releases, so it will be possible to make the distinction between bug reporters and developers, and to restrict editing some attributes to certain roles.

The "issue" is a general term for a task, post, bug, or whatever issue type you define. It could be called "item" or "entity" or whatever else, but for historical reasons I'm using the term "issue".

You can edit the list of bug and task statuses, so if you don't like the default statuses you can easily change them.

New attribute types could also be added in future versions, but this is probably less important than the roles and permissions.


Nice to hear about the addition of more roles in future releases and restriction of attributes editing. Indeed, this seem to me like the most important addition WI could have.

Is there a development plan for WI? Just so we (the users) can have an idea of what will be added in which version (at least some major changes, like the one being discussed in this thread)?