missing [Assigned to] field when adding an issue

Submitted by Gauthier on 2017-12-01


When I [Add Issues] I see most field (including custom ones), but the field [Assigned to] is not shown.

The field [Assigned to] is however included in Default View and the view selected in Initial View. It is even a mandatory field.


PS: I'm using the web client

I have no idea what might be the cause of this. Are you using the standard issue types?

Hi Michal,

We are using a custom Issue Type with a total of 14 attributes. However on the "Add Issue" page, there are only 8 attributes requested, we can only modify the others by modifying the ticket. Is there any setting per attrbute to display it on the "Add Issue" page?

(unfortunately the setup was done by someone who left the company)


After further investigation, I found out that some fields were manually hidden with some code added in the HTML pages... No idea why such bad practice was put in place! :-(

Thanks for your time!

OK, that explains why I couldn't reproduce this problem. I'm glad you sorted it out.