Alerts function is working erratically

Submitted by ganesh on 2018-05-31

Currently we are using the Open source PHP script (WebIssues v1.1.3 ) and when the script was installed it worked without an issue. The notification was working by sending out email to user assigned to the issue using standard php mailer via cron job.

After the web server was upgraded by the hosting company, the cron job function became erratic. It continue to send out emails every 5 minutes & clogged up the default email account.

Since the above issue, we have switched off cron job function & try using smtp email function as replacement, even though the test is successful in connecting to smtp mail server, so far no notification is managed to send out from the Improvement System.  Can you please advise.

So, when the standard PHP mailer is used, it sends the same emails every 5 minutes, and if the SMLT mailer is used, no emails are sent? Are there any errors in the WebIssues log?


Thanks. Yes. The issue started when we changed our server

Once we changed our server, the PHP mailer started sending out emails every 5 minutes. So we shut down PHP mailer and started SMTP email function but this is not working

An error noted in the log is noted below when testing the email set-up.


Event Details


Severity: Warning

Date:23/05/2018 12:04

Message:PHP Warning: stream_socket_enable_crypto(): Peer certificate CN=`*' did not match expected CN=`' in /home/hihi7959/public_html/improve/issues/system/mail/class.smtp.php on line 325

User name:Administrator

It looks like there is a problem with the SSL certificate on your SMTP server.