Facing a problem in getting issue details

Submitted by Anas Ashraf on 2018-07-27

WebIssues Protocol Reference > Issue Operations > GET DETAILS issueId sinceStamp

What is this sinceStamp?
I've tried everything but the response is 402 Invalid Arguments

Please reply asap,

You can pass 0 to receive all issue details, or the issue modification stamp to receive only the changes newer than this stamp. The stamp is just a counter which is increased with each change.

I've already passed 0 as an argument but the response was 402 Invalid Arguments.
Your documentation is not proper, this protocol command requires 3 arguments but only 2 are listed in your documentation.
Your protocals.ini file clearly states this 

get_details         = COMMAND signature="iii"

Please improve your documentation



You are right, the documentation is not up to date, mostly because nobody has used it for a long time.

The third parameter is a markAsRead flag. If set to 1, the issue is marked as read, otherwise set it to 0.

Out of curiosity, what kind of client are you working on?

We're building an android client app for issue tracking. We intend to use it internally and provide it free to the community. Appreciate your help with API documentation while we work on it, and letting the WI community know the app is available once it's ready.

That sounds great! Do you have the source code available somewhere?

I think that the easiest way to learn the API is to analyze the server/actions.inc.php file, because each command corresponds to a method in that class and the arguments are also mapped 1:1. The documentation is from version 0.8 which is really quite old.

By the way, please be aware that I'm currently working on version 2.0 of WebIssues, which will have an entirely new API based on JSON and a more REST style interface. It's still in a very early stage of development, so it won't be release until, perhaps, the second half of 2019.

Thanks alot. We really appreciate it. Good luck with your new 2.0 version release. Looking forward to working with you and climb mountain together.  :)

I am facing an issue can you guide me?
I want to get active tasks for the user regardless of projects and folders, is there a protocol command for it? or any alternative?
Can you share your email address so that we can have any future conversation privately?

Sure - my email address is mimec at mimec.org. Getting active tasks is a bit complicated. The desktop client for WebIssues which uses the protocol has its own SQLite database and the protocol is mostly designed for synchronizing this local database with the server. That's why you can only get issues from one folder at a time. Also there is really no concept of "active task" in the protocol, because you can have any types of issues with any attributes. So you have to get all issues and perform filtering on your own based on attribute values. In version 2.0 it will be a bit different and it will be possible to filter issues directly on the server.

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