How to get web service API for Web Issues for Mobile App development

Submitted by manuvarghese on 2019-10-04

I want to make an android App for web issues, just like our Windows client. To communicate with server is there an API available?. API web services that currently used for a desktop client is enough. any documentation?


The current API for the desktop client is a bit difficult to use, because the destkop client has a local SQLite database and the API only provides a mechanism for synchronizing this local database with the server's database. You can find some documentation in the old wiki ( but it probably won't help you a lot.

Version 2.0 of WebIssues has a new REST API designed for a new web client written in Vue.js, and it will probably be more suitable for a mobile app. This version is still unfinished, but the most important parts are already implemented and the API isn't going to change much. You can find the new version on GitHub (, the API is in the server/api subdirectory.