Migration from V1.1 to V2

Submitted by OliverA on 2019-10-12


I am currently setting up WI 1.1 to track the issues of a work project. 

When reading about the new Version under development there was one question:

Will there be a migration of the issues from 1.1 to 2?

When the new Version is finished I clearly want to change to it,  but I also cannot lose issue information as it is a work project, and I don't want to run both versions in parallel. 


KR Oliver

Same question here! I'm really looking forward for V2 :)

Yes, it will be possible to upgrade the database from 1.1 to 2.0. In fact it's already possible, but I don't recommend using version 2.0 yet.

In fact there's not much left to be done until version 2.0 is finished. I've been quite busy recently, but it looks like soon I should be able to continue working on WebIssues.