Install WebIssues 2.0 Beta Syno NAS with MariaDB10

Submitted by jm1601 on 2020-03-25

Hey! I just tried to install WI 2 beta.
Is MariaDB no longer supported? In the connection details I can choose MySQL or PostGre.

When choosing one die connection fails altough the login credentials are correct.
"Cannot connect to the database. Please check connection details and try again."

thanks and stay safe everybody!
P.S. hopefully the corona crises gives your team a lot of time to work on this project :)

MariaDB is compatible with MySQL, so in theory it should work when you choose MySQL. Perhaps it's some kind of a configuration problem. Unfortunately I cannot check it because I only have a MySQL server available for testing.


Okay thank you anyway, I'll try and give feedback. :)

I tried the installation on my hosted webserver using mysql, the connection works fine.

But still no Idea how to get it going on the synology nas. :(
Do you have any suggestions which configuration parameters to check?

* looks and feels good by the way! I think there is still a lot of work but you're on the right way!