Import issue from csv file

Submitted by matekhong on 2020-04-10

Hi Michał Męciński


I've been used wrike for issues management for 3 years

But after I've tested your new beta version of Web issue, I really like it (Simple and Powerful)


Is there any tools or import function that I can migrate all of my issue from previous system to web issue database? by csv file or anything that possible




There is no general purpose tool for such import, it would be hard to do this using a CSV file because of the issue history, comments, attachments and different attributes. I think that the only way to do this would be to create a specialized import tool using the Wrike API.


Hi WebIssues team,

Is there no import process for new organizations to migrate their current issues to WebIssues?

I love the product but manually recreating our several thousand issues and associated info would not be practical.