Submitted by komoon on 2020-07-28


I'm an one of the Korean user. During to prepare migrate from 1.1.4 to 2.0.0 of Webissues, I'd like to translate English to Korean.

To do that, I found "common/i18n/ko.json". But it is not contains all variables in the system but a part of variables which is used by WebIssues.

Even I complete translation on ko.json, some of message still being displayed in English.

Where I can find language file that covers whole system text?


I'd finished rest of part untranslated Korean via . 

Hope to my bit of contribution may helps WebIssues's journey.  Thanks.


Thank you a lot for your work on this translation.

You should also update the second language file in src/i18n and recompile the application by running npm install and npm run build:web.

Next week I will release a version of WebIssues which will include your translation so it won't require any additional steps.


Michał, Thanks for your kind reply.

If I want change "common.json" and "src.json" translation to my own file instead of distributed file, how I can do that?

In my guess, above common.json and src.json file covers rest of src/i18n translation. crowdin does not allow file download and I can not find common.json, src.json from server folders. Would you please let me know how to do that?

Hmm... I assumed that as a translator you would be able to download the translated files from crowdin. If you go to and click the three dots icon on the right, is there an option to download the file?


Okay, I just find an option to enable this in crowdin. You should be able to download the files now.


Good. Files are allowed to download now.

After download src.json and common.json, then should I append two files's content to src/i18n/ko.json and recompile the applicaton?

You should also update the second language file in src/i18n and recompile the application by running npm install and npm run build:web.