Column does not exist.

Submitted by jackkk on 2020-08-09

Trying change default view by adding a column i just created. When i add the column and click ok. I get "Unexpacted Error". "Column does not exist."


Webissues 2.0.0


8/9/2020 5:51 pm






Unhandled System_Api_Error: 341 Unknown Column in /domain/ on line 637 Stack trace: #0 /domain/ System_Api_Validator->checkViewDefinitionInfo(Array, Object(System_Api_DefinitionInfo), true) #1 /domain/ System_Api_Validator->checkViewDefinition(Array, 'VIEW columns="1...') #2 [internal function]: Server_Api_Types_Views_Default->run(2, '1,0,4,5,1001,10...', 1, true) #3 /domain/ call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #4 /domain/ Server_Api_Application->execute() #5 /domain/ System_Core_Application->run() #6 /domain/ System_Bootstrap::run('Server_Api_Appl...', 'Server_Api_Type...') #7 {main}

I was only able to reproduce the "column does not exist" error in a scenario where I delete an attribute which is used in a view. The column then appears as "unknown column" in the view and when I make some changes and save the view, this error occurs. Removing the unknown column from the view fixes the problem. I could not reproduce this error in a scenario where I create a new attribute and add it as a column to the view.


No there is no deletion of anything.

This is a fresh install. I can reproduce this issue over and over again.

I added a new attribute in "Bugs". It´s a dropdown list with the values (1-5). When standing in "Issue Types/Bugs" i then click on "View Settings".

In the "Default View" i click Edit. Then i can see all the columns "ID, Name, Modified Date...and so on". I clikc the little + button i then see the attribute i just created. I click on it and then it´s added to the columns at the bottom. When i click the OK button i get the "Unexpected Error" "Column does not exist.

The column does exist. When adding a new issue my attribute is there...a dropdown list.

I tried to reproduce those exact steps on a fresh install and I still didn't get any error. There is definitely something strange going on but I can't figure out what it is.