Custom Language

Submitted by cliffi on 2020-09-18


I want to change some of the language by editing one of the existing language files. Is there a way to do this via a "drop-in" process?

I looked at the source code, but that seems to suggest you need to compile the entire application again, just to alter a few language terms?

Is there an easier way to change/edit the language files?

So far I have created a data/locale.ini file with the following:

en_EDIT = English / Edited

number_format = com2
date_format = dmy4
time_format = 24h2
first_day_of_week = 1

I have then created a en_EDIT.json file with the relevant changes. However, these are not being pushed through to the web client. Do I need to move the .json file to a different directory?

There are two directories that contain language files, common/i18n and src/i18n. The application needs to be compiled in order for the translations to be modified. However, please don't change the JSON files directly, instead please join the translation team on Crowdin in order to help translate WebIssues to your language.


Hi Michał,

This is not for a language translation, this is to change only half a dozen words or so surrounding certain terminology to match a particular use.

Is there no way to edit the language files after the application has been built as I really only need to edit about half a dozen words.

It was very easy to do on the previous versions, this version seems to have made the process quite convoluted in comparison.

Regards, Cliff