Email inboxes - ussues not received

Submitted by DKLeader on 2020-11-12


I am using WebIssues version 2.0.1 - new installation yesterday as 2.0.0 - upgraded to 2.0.1 today.
Server (virtuel) hosting domain is running Debian 9. Domain is setup through ISPConfig (multi server setup).
PHP version is 7.4.

I have setup an Email inbox (as IMAP) and used the test function - all found OK.
Allowed accept messages from external users and added a robot user (used my profile for that).
Target project and folder set. I have not ticked "Map address extensions to project and folder"

Cron is running - forced a manual run of job.php.
No errors in the event log.

Issue is that when sending a email I can see that it is received in my webmail, but even after running the cron job the issue is not passed to WebIssues.

Have I missed something in the setup?

Best Regards