Session expired at login to Webissues client

Submitted by Siebrand on 2021-06-29

I recently updated my Webissues server and client from version 1.1.5 to 2.0.2, on W10. In parallel I updated PHP on my local server from version 7.0.x to 8.0.7.
When starting Webissues I ran into an uncaught error, which pointed to the file '\system\core\', where in function 'initialize()' (starting at line 49), the PHP function 'get_magic_quotes_gpc()' is used. It appeares that this function has been removed from PHP as of version 8.0.0.
In '' I modified the if-then-else, by removing the if part and retaining the else part, to eliminate this function call. This solved the problem for me, but I'm not sure this is the way to go.

I was then able to log in to Webissues client, but immediately got a 'Session Expired' message, requesting me to log in again.
Any suggestions where to look for a solution?

Yes, the get_magic_quotes_gcp() function is obsolete and can be removed, in PHP 5 and 7 it always returns false anyway.

I just tested WebIssues with PHP 8.0 and it worked fine, I didn't get any session expired errors, so perhaps it's something with your configuration. The session lifetime is stored in the settings table, the key is session_max_lifetime and the value is the number of seconds, maybe there is something wrong with that.


I found the session_max_lifetime set to 7200, which does not explain the described behavior.

Through the following steps I was able to get the application up and running:
Uninstall the client;
Remove all files and folders from the folder in my document root with the php functions;
Drop the WebIssues database (which had been updated in my previous installation attempt);
Create a new database, and populate it with the data saved from the dropped database;
Install the WebIssues Client;
Copy all php functions to the document root of my apache server;
Make the modification to the function (as decsribed earlier);
Start the WebIssues server;
Configure the database (by following the procedure);
Coming from v1.1.5, an update of the database table(s) is performed automatically;
Start the web client;
It works!

I'm a happy man again. Thanks!


The same issue on my MacBook whenever I am login in Web issues client it suddenly said the session expired.

If you use the latest version (2.0.5) of the desktop client, it only works with the latest version the WebIssues server, and requires https connection.


I have installed the latest version (2.0.5) client and server .on mac and it's on HTTPS connection but the still same issue it suddenly logout and says the session expired.

It works on windows client perfectly but the issue exists on mac only.

I have the same problem with Client Version 2.0.5 on Windows 10 and 11 machines:

Login as admin or user on webinterface/website works fine. Login with the Client works only to get the message "session expired".

I tried it local on a diskstation with Maria5 and online at our webserver hosted @ AllInkl. The logs always shows the same error:
Unhandled System_Api_Error: 300 Login Required in /www/htdocs/[...]/webissues2/server/api/ on line 52 Stack trace:
#0 /www/htdocs/[...]/webissues2/system/core/ Server_Api_Application->execute()
#1 /www/htdocs/[...]/webissues2/system/ System_Core_Application->run()
#2 /www/htdocs/[...]/webissues2/server/api/global.php(214): System_Bootstrap::run('Server_Api_Appl...', 'Server_Api_Glob...')
#3 {main}

It also works not on an clean install of Version 2. So it is not an updating issue!

Client Version 2.0.5 does not support or use https:
Our working 1.0.5 server runs localy and when I use the 1.0.5-Client with https it asks for an exception because it can't verify the local certificate. With exception it works fine.
The 2.0.5 clients only shows an error message: "Der Server konnte aufgrund eines Netzwerkfehlers nicht erreicht werden." = server unreachable because of network error

Any suggestion?

Regards Ronald!