Alert e-mail links forget the link after login

Submitted by A424 on 2021-09-09

First of all thank you for this great app.

We faced with the following issue. When we receive an e-mail alert that contain links to the specific issue (this part works fine) and we click on the link, it opens the login page when we are not logged in (this is normal too). But after logging, it forgets the URL, so the specific issue link in e-mail doesn't fills it's original purpose. First we click on it, then we log in, and then again we need to click on the link in e-mail too. Except when we are logged in already, but most of the cases we are not logged in, we just want to, when we receive an e-mail.

Please help.

I forgot to mention: latest Firefox version + app is on our server (not localhost)

I agree that it should remember the link after logging in, and it actually worked this way before version 2.0. It's a bit tricky, but I found a way to implement it, so it will be fixed in the next release.