WebIssues 1.0-beta2 released

Submitted by mimec on 2011-09-20

The second beta version of WebIssues 1.0 was released today. It contains a lot of small improvements and bug fixes. One of the main new features is the ability to create multi-select drop down attributes and use "in list" filter criteria. The WebIssues Server now supports transactions and handles concurrent operations in a much better way. Also an audit log was added which records important operations, for example creating users or deleting issues. The user's manual was updated, and although it's not 100% complete yet, it contains a description of administrative functions and customizing issue types and views.

Also a live demo of the WebIssues server is now available. You can use it to test the basic functionality of the current development version. For obvious reasons administrative functions are blocked, and also some operations like changing the password or uploading attachments. The database will be automatically cleaned every 24 hours. See the Demo section for more information about accessing the demo server.