WebIssues 1.1-beta1 released

Submitted by mimec on 2013-05-21

The first development version of WebIssues 1.1 is available. The most imporant feature introduced in this version is the support for issue descriptions. They are similar to comments, but they are displayed in a distinctive way in the issue details and they can be entered directly when creating an issue. When updating from version 1.0, the first comment is automatically converted to a description. Also projects can now have a description, which can be edited by the administrators and viewed by all users when the project is selected in the tree.

Both comments and descriptions can now use a new format of text with simple markup. It allows changing the font style, for example bold or italic, and creating simple formatting, for example bullet lists, quotations and code blocks with optional syntax highlighting. A toolbar above the text fields can assist in entering the correct markup.

You can download the new server and client packages from the Development version page. This beta version should not be used for production purposes, but I encourage everyone to test it and report any potential problems and suggestions for improvements.