WebIssues 1.1.1 released

Submitted by mimec on 2013-12-05

Version 1.1.1 is a bugfix only release which fixes a few problems with the Desktop Client, although it also affects the WebIssues Server. These problems include:

  • creating public alerts
  • displaying project descriptions
  • small font size in issue details and comment and description editor in some configurations
  • double header in issue details report

It is therefore recommended to update both the server and the clients from version 1.1 if you use the Desktop Client.

For more information about version 1.1 of WebIssues and a short video presentation of the new features, see the release 1.1 announcement.


Hello but for 1.1.1 there is no package for ubuntu?
I have almost finished the translation into Italian

Thanks. I will add the Italian translation to the next release. I'm sure that there will be an updated package for Ubuntu soon (I don't maintain it myself).


Ok I wait. I'll let you know as soon as I'm done with the translation, I think a maximum of two days and then try to install it on my server to see if there is any revision to do. My skills are programmative only basic type for PHP, but I know quite well both CSS and HTML working daily on the CMS website production, and in any case with small customizations in PHP I get along so you may count on me for any collaboration, also to test or otherwise, are available.

Thanks! I will probably release version 1.1.2 around January or February, depending on the number of bugs found, and I will include your translation. For now anyone who's interested can download it directly from Transifex.


ok I installed the translation on the server and on my desktop client and I'm ready to make some revisions, there are small errors in punctuation or other so that when the new version will be ready I will correct these little problems ...
Giovanni Petrella


Is there plans to release 1.1.1 for mac client with font fix?

ciao la traduzione è presente su Transifex segui la guida nel wiki per installarla http://wiki.mimec.org/wiki/WebIssues/Translation

We have WebIssues 1.1.1 installed and the person (Admin) who was maintaining the same is no more with our team. -Now I would like to add a different person as System Admin for this page who can add/remove users.

How do I do it?
is there any way, we can add a user without System Admin login?


You can change the user_access column for the user in the users table to 2 in order to make that user a system administrator.