ERROR: There are no avilable folders of this type

Submitted by planetecs on 2020-11-27

I have use the OS/2 version of WebIssues Server and client which is a QT4 port for years and its great.

I recently got a Raspberry PI 4 with 8 Gig of RAM and it us running Ubuntu Server 64 bit with desktopify of Ubuntu Mate 20.04 and one of the package managers has WebIssues.  I was able to install the client and the server and they do run but when I attempt to add an issue I get the following error:

Create a new issue in the selected folder:  There are no available folders of this type.

Anyone have an idea of what this means?

The version of WebIssues client and server is 1.1.5

After poking around I added a new project and then a folder in the project and that allowed me to create issues.  The error is a bit general.  Once I realized that I needed to add a project and then a folder and then checked the DB I saw the folders table now had entries.

Problem solved.