E-mail inbox not working

Submitted by chattigre on 2022-02-12


I created an e-mail inbox for receiving new issues, but even if I launch the job.php script after sending a new email, the issue is not created and the email is not marked as read on the server (IMAP, SSL without certificate verification, leaving messages on the server).

The login information look correct, and the "Test" button doesn't detect any problem, but mail inboxes are not explored.

Note that the job.php script is executed since e-mail notifications are sent for alerts and reports.

My server works with PHP 7.4, the IMAP extension is enabled.

Thank you for your help.

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problem solved, I made a configuration mistake about the "mailbox name" option, I didn't understand that it was the name of the mail account folder containing e-mails, I understood that it was just a name given to the mailbox to identify it on the client.

Maybe changing the name of the option to "Mailbox folder name" or something like this would by more explicit.

Sorry for disturbance, and congratulations for your beautiful project ! I translated it to French since it is really well coded and a maximum of users (including me !) should prefer having the possibility to use it in their language !

Best regards.

Thank you very much. I approved your translations in Crowdin. I will also update the documentation to make it more clear what the mailbox name means.


You're welcome !

If you may be interested in a french translation of the documentation, feel free to contact me !


In the Alerts documentation, you wrote "System administrators can also define public alerts which affect all users. Only members of a project will receive alert notifications for issues which belong to that project."

Currently, system administrators receive all notifications for all projects even if they are not member of the project, it may be a problem for "virtual" admin users, which are not member of any project. Maybe they shouldn't receive notifications about projects they are not member of ?

Moreover, users which doesn't have any email address linked to their account trigger an alert on each cron job execution, maybe they could be ignored and not passed to PhpMailer if the email field is empty ?

PHPMailer\PHPMailer\Exception: L\'adresse courriel n\'est pas valide : (to): in /home/hmhw1664/public_html/apps/webissues/system/mail/phpmailer/src/PHPMailer.php:1092


A French translation of the documentation would be great, but many years ago I tried to maintain two versions of the documentation - English and Polish - and it was a nightmare, because every time I updated something in one version, I also had to make the same change in the other version. In the end I gave up and kept only the English version.

System administrators are treated like members of all projects, even if they are not explicitly assigned to them - that's why they receive all notifications. I think the documentation isn't clear enough. Maybe there should be an option to configure that, but I don't want to break the existing behavior.

You are right that an empty email shouldn't cause a warning, I will fix that in the next version.



Ok, that's right, I understand. Don't hesitate to tell me if you change your mind.

An option for administrators about receiving notifications of all projects or only of projects which they are member on could be a good solution, toggled on "all projects" by default to avoid any unexpected change.
Moreover, maybe all users could have the choice about receiving alerts by email or only in the webissues client. Email sending is important for password-reset requests, but maybe everyone doesn't want to receive alerts by email. It could also be an option for each alert such as Notification method : Client and email / Client only, or even for all alerts at once in the admin settings would be great. Mail notifications are auto-activated if the email sender is configured, but we may want to deactivate mail alerts.

Thank you about the e-mail warning !