php 8.1 usable for webissues 1.1.5 ?

Submitted by shaupt on 2023-01-03

currently we still use php 7.2 for webissues 1.1.5 .
Since php version 7.2 is no longer supported, we wanted to switch to php 8.1. Is this possible with the webissues version 1.1.5 and what is to be considered if necessary?
Or do we have to change to webissues 2.0.x for this? How would we have to proceed for an upgrade from 1.1.5 to 2.0.x?

Best regards

Version 1.x of WebIssues is no longer supported, and will probably not work with PHP 8, so I recommend upgrading to version 2.0. See the documentation for more information about updating WebIssues to the latest version.