WebIssues 1.0-beta3 released

Submitted by mimec on 2011-11-02

The WebIssues project is looking for translators! If you would like to use WebIssues in your native language, create a translation and share it with other users. It's easy, you can use the Qt Linguist tool and no programming skills are required. Currently only French, Polish and Portuguese translations are complete. I'm especially looking for volunteers willing to take over translations which were available in version 0.9.7 and are no longer maintained, including Czech, Dutch, German, Russian and Spanish. Of course additional languages are also welcome. See the WebIssues Wiki for more information or contact the author directly if you have any questions.

Now back to the main topic — the third and most likely final beta release of version 1.0 is available. The main new features are the ability to clone existing issues and views and to configure the page size in list of issues and issue history. There are too many other improvements and bug fixes to list here. The functionality of the system is almost complete and after well over two years of development, it is already quite stable, at least as much as the old 0.x version. Therefore, I recommend anyone who hasn't looked at it, to start testing it. It's the last moment to suggest minor improvements and report bugs before the final release. If you don't want to install the new version, you can also play with the online demo.


Excellent work! I've evaluated a number of commercial applications and WebIssues blows them away.