Fixed a column in issue list table

Submitted by suminda on 2018-03-31

hi Michel,

really appreciate your brilliant effort,

in my case I have user defined columns are more than 50 and majority of them are dates, and user has to edit only one date at a time,

so when editing a particular issue; select issue, go to edit attribute, scroll more than 50 inputs fields and find the exact date field  and update is not efficient,

hence seeking ur support in 2 ways,

1. how to fixed a "issue name" column in  issue list html table

2. how to edit the date within issue list html table itself

then user can insert data efficiently with user defined views,




Thank you for your kind words! In the current version, it would be difficult to add those features. I’m currently working on an entirely new version, so it’s possible that something like this will be implemented in the future.