reply to ticket as email

Submitted by noxtras on 2021-12-07


Why doesn't WebIssues support replying to a incoming ticket via email? It can receive emails, it can send emails... but not when directly replying to one. I get it that it's not supposed to be a helpdesk system, but it's 99.9% there:)

What framework does WI use? I know PHP, I could add a button and call the mailer, but I'm wondering why it's not already there? Are there security implications or what else?

Thank you.

It's PHP with a custom framework, and Vue.js on the front-end.

WebIssues can register an issue when you send an email, and replies to that email are automatically added as comments. On the other hand, comments added in WebIssues are automatically sent to the sender of the original email, if the "Subscribe senders to created issues" option is enabled. What is the exact scenario that is missing?


Found it. Unfortunately it's not the same. It needs login. I was thinking of an actual helpdesk system, so I can have the bug reporting and help desk in a single app.

Something like:

X replied to you message....please reply above this line
-> and the message goes back into the system with the same ticket id
..until it's marked solved by the client or me.

Anyway, will try to make something when I have the time.

Thanks for the software, it's awesome for bug reports:)