WebIssues 1.0-beta1 released

Submitted by mimec on 2011-07-08

Today the first beta version of WebIssues 1.0 was released. It supports migrating existing data from version 0.8.5 of the server, and it will be possible to upgrade it to the final version once it's released. So, although it's not yet 100% production quality, you can use it to evaluate the numerous new features, and to get familiar with the Web Client. I'm awaiting your feedback, which is very important in order to produce a high quality stable release. You can download this version from the development section.

The first version of the WebIssues Manual is included in both the client and server packages; you can also get it from the manuals section. It's not yet complete, but it already contains a lot of useful information for administrators and users of the system. Other important features added in this version are: added support for PostgreSQL databases, installation of default issue types, and a completely redesigned mechanism of caching data in the Desktop Client, which now uses a SQLite database.

WebIssues 1.0-alpha4 released

Submitted by mimec on 2011-03-15

I am pleased to announce the fourth and final alpha release in the 1.0 development cycle. It features many long awaited administrative functions: moving and deleting issues, editing and deleting comments and attachments, moving folders, deleting non-empty projects and folders and deleting issue types with related folders. It is also possible to use expressions (like [Me] or [Today]) in initial values of attributes. Finally, in order to improve security, an algorithm compatible with the Portable PHP password hashing framework is now used and the ability to force user to change password at logon was implemented.

The WebIssues project was accepted in the Nokia's Qt Ambassador Program; a membership-only program that honors Qt development projects. You can see the WebIssues profile here or by clicking on the Qt Ambassador logo on the left. Obviously this opens a lot of new opportunities for WebIssues and I'm very excited to share this privilege with some really great and renowned Qt based applications. In the meantime, I already started working on the first beta release. The beta version will support updating an existing database from version 0.8.5 of the WebIssues Server, so please be patient, you will be able to migrate to version 1.0 soon.

WebIssues 1.0-alpha3 released

Submitted by mimec on 2010-12-14

The third alpha version of WebIssues Server and Client 1.0 was released today. This version introduces server-side tracking of the read/unread state of issues. Alerts, which replace the idea of folder watches from the stable version, are based on views and allow tracking new and modified issues matching any criteria. Email notifications can be sent for selected alerts with recent modifications or summary reports.

This release complements all features available in the stable version, so version 1.0 now has the same functionality as version 0.9.7, although with many significant improvements. As with all alpha versions, it can only be used for testing purposes, because there is no possibility of updating from an older version or to a newer one. The last area still to be done is moving/deleting issues and editing/deleting comments and attachments; after that version 1.0 will start the beta stage where updating is supported. The source and installation packages for this release can be downloaded from the Development page.

WebIssues Client 0.9.7 released

Submitted by mimec on 2010-10-04

The stable version 0.9.7 of the WebIssues Client was released today. It has a few bugs fixed and some minor usability improvements that were gathered in the past ten months. Also new French and Dutch translations were added in this release. You can view the full change log here.

Like I announced before, I'm currently focusing mostly on developing version 1.0 of WebIssues. However there is still a lot of work left and it's been a long time since the last stable release, so I decided to create another stable version to fix some minor problems. Thank you for all bug reports and suggestions which contributed to this release.

WebIssues 1.0-alpha2 released

Submitted by mimec on 2010-08-26

The second alpha preview of the WebIssues Server and Client version 1.0 was released today. This version introduces the concept of views, which allow defining the columns, sort order and filtering criteria of issues displayed in the list. Views are stored on the server and can be used with both the Web Client and the Desktop Client. They can be defined by individual users as well as by administrators for public use. Views replace the concept of client-side filters and column settings available in version 0.9.x of the WebIssues Client.

A few most important bugs were also fixed in this version; however this is still an alpha version and it can only be used for testing purposes, because there is no possibility of updating this version from an older version or to a newer one. The source and installation packages can be downloaded from the Development page.